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Submit to Yikes!

Send Me Your Pictures

If you have a strange or unusual picture that I can post in this space, send it to me! If it's the kind of picture that would make people say to themselves "why is he showing me this picture???" then it's probably a good picture to send. We're really interested in increasing the number of pictures that get posted, so if you're thinking about sending a picture, stop thinking about it and go for it!

I will only post pictures that are in relatively good taste. Nothing vulgar or obscene; just strange or useless. Of course, you're welcome to send me vulgar and obscene pictures, I just won't post them...

Ideally, the picture you're submitting will already have an URL. If it does, simply send email to with the URL! If the picture is not available already on the web, please send me an e-mail with your picture attached (preferably uuencoded). Hurry! We need your pictures!


There are no guarantees.

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